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You’ll be interested if …

checkYou are looking for funds that invest mainly in fixed income assets such as debentures or bonds.

Short-term fixed income

Long-term fixed income

International fixed income

Sabadell Interés Euro, F.I, Sabadell Fondtesoro Largo Plazo, F.I, Sabadell Rendimiento, F.I, Sabadell Bonos Flotantes Euro, F.I, Sabadell Bonos Alto Interés, F.I, Sabadell Bonos España, F.I, Sabadell Financial Capital, F.I, Sabadell Bonos Euro, F.I, Sabadell Rentas, F.I, Sabadell Bonos Inflación Euro, F.I, Sabadell Euro Yield, F.I, Sabadell Dólar Fijo, F.I, Sabadell Bonos Emergentes, F.I, Sabadell Bonos Internacional, F.I, are registered with the CNMV under numbers 2132, 2264, 2145, 5268, 4125, 156, 3975, 2133, 3397, 5077, 194, 326, 3415, 416, respectively.

And you also need to know that …

All our funds are registered with the CNMV.


A fuller description of the investment policy of each fund can be found in the Key Information Document (KID). The prospectus with the Basic Information for the investor (KID) and the periodic reports are at the public's disposal at the distributing offices and at sabadellassetmanagement.com.

Management company: Sabadell Asset Management, S.A., S.G.I.I.C., Sociedad Unipersonal, CNMV Register no. 58. Depository: BNP Paribas S.A., Sucursal en España, CNMV Registry No 240.

The investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to investment in securities and in other financial instruments, and therefore the acquisition value and rates of return obtained may undergo variations both upward and downward and it is possible the investor will not recover the amount invested.

External management funds

Pursuant to regulation 4 of Circular 4/2008, dated 11 September, of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, with regard to the submission of periodic reporting to the members and participants of CIUs of external management companies, the Banco Sabadell Group places at the disposal of its investors the relevant legal information.

Legal Information on Foreign Collective Investment Undertakings

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