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Help page with connection to BS Online

1.- What is the new address with which SabadellSolbank has been integrated?
The new address where your SabadellSolbank accounts have been integrated is https://www.bancsabadell.com/ and the new Home Banking service is called BS Online

2.- How can I access BS Online?
By using the same username, access code and code card you used at SabadellSolbank.

3.- Where is the access to my accounts?
Access is in the upper left-hand side of the Banco Sabadell homepage or by pressing the BS Online tab.
4.- What is my user number?
Your user number is the identification number that appears in your contract registering with the home banking services. It can be your Nat. ID number, passport or residence card. If you do not know it, please contact your branch directly and your agent will provide it to you immediately.

5.- What is my access code?
Your access code is a four-digit number you were given at your branch when you registered your home banking contract. For security reasons, this code is not recorded anywhere, so if you do not remember it you must request another at any branch.

6.- What is the code card?
It is the personal, non-transferable card you are given together with the home banking contract which has the confirmation codes on the back.

When you carry out an operation over the phone or the Internet we ask for the confirmation code assigned to one of the codes which acts as your electronic signature for the operation.

7.- Other ways to access BS Online?
By clicking on the link of other accesses next to the enter button of BS Online or the BS Online tab at the top of the Homepage. Both forms of access open up a new page for you to identify yourself as an individual or a company.

There are 4 ways of gaining access: DNI, DNIe, Secondary card and other certificates.

DNI (user number): It can be your Nat. ID number, passport or residence card.

Electronic DNI: Using a reader and the electronic DNI given to you by the police you can digitally prove your identity. More information

Secondary card: By making a request to your office, another person using your secondary card can check and operate your accounts, under the restrictions and permits allowed by the card from the BS Online Secondary Card Administration menu option.
Other certificates: By using the digital certificate issued by an entity (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), installing it on your computer and proving your identity via an access code. More information