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Information on ATM fees


Royal Decree Law 11/2015, 2 October, regulates the fees for withdrawals at ATMS nationwide. This law states that the entities owning ATMs may charge the entity issuing the card a fee which in general will be passed on to the customers using the ATMs.

In this respect, in debit operations, the maximum that the issuing entities may charge the holder is the fee which the bank owning the ATM applies.

In credit operations, the maximum fee applied to the users of ATMs is that established by each entity for withdrawal operations at their own ATMs, plus the fee applied by the bank of the ATM where the withdrawal is made.

In any event, the ATM screen will inform the customer of the cost of the operation. The customer may choose to perform the operation when informed of the cost or cancel it.

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Fees for withdrawals applied to Banco Sabadell customers

Banco Sabadell, in order to offer its customers a wide network of ATMs, maintained a collaboration agreement with preferential conditions for cash withdrawals with various banking institutions in the EURO 6000 network: Abanca, Ibercaja, Kutxabank, Unicaja, CajaSur, Caixa Ontinyent and Colonya Caixa Pollença.


Under this agreement, the terms and conditions for cash refunds at ATMs for Banco Sabadell customers are as follows:

Fees for domestic refunds at ATMs to debit With Sabadell
/ Online Sabadell Account
With Key
< 60€ = > 60€ Any amount
Banco Sabadell ATMs 0€
Banking institutions agreement ATMs 0,65€ 0€ 0,65€
ATMs of other banking institutions Fee applied by the banking institution that owns the ATM

Distribution of Banco Sabadell ATMs

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