Sabadell Online Account

Summary risk indicator applicable to all current accounts
This number indicates the risk of the product, 1/6 being the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest.
Banco de Sabadell, S.A. is a member of the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per depositor.

Sabadell Online Account

Get your Sabadell Online Account, the account that has it all.

Everything from your mobile

Register your account by logging in from your mobile with this QR code.

Make all your operations and transactions from the app.

Your choice: one or two holders

You will be able to choose to register the account just for you or with one more person.

In just 10 minutes

With an easy, safe and 100% online process consisting of just a few simple steps.

If you take your mobile with you, , you take your bank with you

Personalise your experience

Set up your cards and activate any notifications you want to keep on top of all your account activity.

Bank securely

Send and receive money with Bizum, manage your account and your purchases... And do everything securely.

Pay with your mobile

Forget your card. Operate and withdraw money directly from the app.

Save without noticing

Set up your savings routines with the free linked Savings Account.(3).

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Become a customer with your mobile


Choose one or two holders.

Choose whether you want to open the account for yourself or share it with another holder.


Fill in your details.

Create your user name to manage your account securely.


Identify yourself.

Take a photo and record a short video from your mobile phone.


Online signature.

Sign your digital contract. Now you have your Sabadell Online Account!

If you cannot access using the QR code, copy the link to continue the registration process on your mobile:

Scan it with your phone camera.

We answer your queries

You only need a few minutes. The process is easy, secure and 100% online, which you will be able to complete in 6 simple steps: create a username, register your personal data, identify yourself by means of a video identification system, indicate your profession, confirm the card delivery address and sign the contract.

It’s very easy. All you need is your mobile phone, your currently valid National Identity Card document (DNI/TIE with photo) and a good Internet connection. Enter the browser from your mobile phone, access the Banco Sabadell website and click on the green "Become a customer" button. At this link, you can register your Sabadell Online Account completely online from your mobile phone.

In the process of setting it up, you will open the Sabadell Online Account, which includes the Sabadell Savings Account, whose purpose is savings and investment, and the Sabadell Online Securities Account.

The Sabadell Online Account is an account with no opening or maintenance fees, 100% digital, with which you will avail of a free debit card with no issuing fee or maintenance charge and a bank transfers service in Spain and the EEA in euros through self-service, as well as access to online banking services.

The Sabadell Online Account is for personal use, and new Banco Sabadell customers open it online. They must be of legal age, reside and pay taxes in Spain, not hold US nationality and not have held a public office for the last 2 years.

It is important to remember that if the address for tax purposes that appears on your National Identity Card or TIE for foreign residents, does not match the one that you enter during the process of setting up the Sabadell Online account, there are cases in which it will not be possible to complete the registration process due to legal or fiscal prevention criteria.

Through your mobile phone, using the browser, by accessing the URL

One hour after completing the registration process, you will be able to access your new remote banking and start using your Sabadell Online Account. What's more, you will be able to pay for your purchases using your mobile from day one.

To open the Sabadell Online Account, you need to have a currently valid national Identity Card or TIE with a photograph, unless the Bank, for legal reasons, needs to ask for other documents, as would be the case if the current address where you are resident does not match the one in the ID document.

The Sabadell Online Account has no opening or maintenance fees, and you will be able to carry out your normal day-to-day transactions free of charge through digital channels and ATMs.

A transaction not marked as free may be subject to a fee, as explained in the pre-contractual documentation. For more information, see the “Fees information document”.

The Sabadell Online Account is for personal use and allows for a maximum of two joint account holders. This account does not allow the issuance of personal cheques/chequebooks.

No. Only new customers are allowed to open a Sabadell Online Account. If you want to know the terms and conditions of your current account, you can contact us.

Make sure that they are not reflecting glare and that the image is not blurred.

Make sure you have a good Internet connection. We recommend connecting to a trusted Wi-Fi network to continue with the process.

Wait a moment. Sometimes, the password to sign the contract can take a few minutes.

You can also perform the following checks in this order:

Check that you don't have our number blocked for telephone numbers in this country: +34215675 or 215675. In the case of international phone numbers, check that receiving SMS from abroad is not blocked.

Also, check that the device does not have the “do not disturb” mode or a similar one active.

If you have recently done a portability transaction, check with the carrier that the routing to receive SMSs from applications is configured correctly.

If you have a multi-SIM, tell your carrier that you are not receiving SMS from applications on the SIM you have in your phone, and ask them to configure it so that they reach you correctly.

If you have a dual SIM card, tell your carrier that you are not receiving SMS messages from apps at the telephone number registered in our systems.

If your carrier is a virtual one, let them know if there are problems in the delivery of SMSs with the network operator and check that there are no coverage issues.

If you are still not receiving them, try the following additional checks:

Check that there is sufficient space to receive SMSs and delete old ones.

Check that you have good coverage and you don't have roaming switched on, as the carriers themselves don't guarantee that SMSs will arrive in such circumstances.

There are devices that allow you to mark certain numbers or applications that block calls or SMS messages as undesirable as they deemed to be advertising or insecure messages. If you have blocked our SMS messages, unblock them.

If the device has space for two SIM cards, try switching the SIM card to the other slot.

Try switching off the device, waiting for 30 seconds, then switching it on again.

Try removing the SIM from the device and putting it into another one.

If you have done all the checks and you still aren't receiving the SMS, contact us again via chat or the indicated telephone number.

All communications and arrangements of your Sabadell Online Account will be carried out through digital channels, by email, SMS or push notifications.

One hour after completing the registration process, you will be able to access your new remote banking and start using your Sabadell Online Account. What's more, you will be able to pay for your purchases using your mobile from day one.

If during the procurement process for the Sabadell Online Account a message appears indicating that the online registration has been halted, we recommend that you try again after a few minutes and check that the information you provide is entered correctly. If the problem continues, make an appointment with your account manager by clicking here. We will be delighted to see you at the branch to help you activate your account with Banco Sabadell.

Make sure you have entered your mobile phone number correctly. Try again and wait a few minutes, as sometimes the message can take a while.

During the registration process for your Sabadell Online account, you will be assigned a username, which will be the ID you have used to register, and a password that you can change later from the app or the Banco Sabadell website, which you will use to access remote banking once your information has been validated.

No, you can only hold one Sabadell Online Account.

During the online registration process, pre-contractual information is provided, which you can download and it will also be sent to your email address so that you can review it at your leisure. The pre-contractual information contains:

● Information document on fees.

● Information leaflet prior to entering into a Payment Services Framework Contract.

● Pre-contractual information in accordance with banking regulations.

● Schedule of Fees and Charges applicable to transfers and cheques through the account.

The Bank also makes the following documentation available to you at its branches and in the "Customer Information/Information on fees and interest" section of the Bank's website:

(i) Quarterly information on the fees and rates most commonly charged or offered for the most frequent transactions with the most common natural person customer profiles.

(ii) List of most representative services associated with a payment account.

(iii) Schedule of fees applicable to paid services.

If you need it, there is a free telephone number (900 700 010) you can call for answers to any questions or queries you may have.

The contract is the last step in the registration process. Through a trusted electronic service provider, you will receive an SMS to the mobile phone you have registered with the password that you have to enter on the screens.

This third-party service provider will send you a certified copy of the contract.

Signing the contract is not sufficient, as when you complete this step, it will be pending validation by the Bank. When it is validated, you will receive a notification that the registration has been successfully completed and the contract is valid.

Yes. You can withdraw and cancel the contract free of charge within 14 days of its taking effect without giving any reason and without a penalty. You have to give notice by the deadline indicated via the Bank's remote banking service, at its registered offices or corporate centres or branches or by calling the free phone number 900 700 010.

Yes. Opening the Sabadell Online Account lets you have one or two account holders, provided neither of them is an existing customer of Banco Sabadell. The process is very simple and, what’s more, the two account holders don't need to register at the same time nor from the same device.

• One of the account holders starts the Online Account registration process and selects the option “two account holders”.

• When that account holder has completed the process, the second account holder will receive an email to join the account and can then start their online registration process.

• When both account holders have completed the registration process, they can use the joint account.

Yes. Once the account is open and you have access to your remote banking, you can access the section for switching accounts, in the Accounts menu, where you will find the steps to follow, in accordance with the current relevant regulations, and the form to fill in and submit so that we can process the account switching to our bank. Find the answers to all your queries by clicking here